Vakula - Asuwant (Shevchenko 005)

Truth be told and as we mentioned in our previous post - we've got a love/hate relationship with Vakula. It's not that we don't like his stuff, it's just that it's a bit too weird and too much on the experimental tip for us. Don't get us wrong though, we still love many of his productions just for that reason - because they're so strange and so far off the beaten path. The man's got a knack for blending obscure movie dialogue in and out of choppy, minimal, stuttering house beats; and morphing other random sine-waves and modular synth patterns every whichway from friday in a way that renders many of his tracks almost un-danceable, but often still very good I might add. The originality of his productions always sets him well apart from the rest however. His recent project - Leleka showcases this originality not only in the music but also from an aesthetic POV, with some of the most beautifully coloured/marbled black & white pressings. I instantly bought the first two and love them, even if the audio might potentially give my 2 year-old nightmares.

Once in a while though Vakula comes out with a slow n' chuggy bomb that's not too spaztic and has got just the right amount of sleaze for us. At the moment that particular track is his new release on Shevchenko entitled 'Asuwant' that's got our pickles tickled. And in particular, the title cut is the only one on offer that we're into (there's actually 2 versions of this track on the A side). Coming in nice and slow, extra dubbed-out to great effect and without too many noisy elements that make your ears bleed. On the contrary, the fizzling but thumping kick, reverbed live piano stabs, killer vocal by unknown vocalist 'Dices' - not to mention one of the warmest basslines out there atm...all offer heavy headnodding material and rides the perfect line of perfect deep and dreamy warmup material for us. A seriously great track. Side two is just drum machine insanity - too strange for our taste, we can't listen to the whole thing till the end without getting dizzy.

Pressed up on clear vinyl, limited pressing - get in on the action HERE