Casinoboy - Jobsagoodun (Jisco Music)

Oh boy, another treat from the sublime Jisco camp. I've been giving Eddie C's record such a heavy rinsing that it's already starting to crackle and pop. Jisco's one of those record labels that makes me bike to Rush Hour (Amsterdam's finest record store, for those of you that don't know) the second a new cut hits the store so I don't miss out. This latest offering is nothing short of spectacular.

Toby Tobias disguises himself as Casinoboy (make sure to check out his earlier release on Redux, which is mint as well) and does the Jisco thing: one takes an obscure but insanely infectious groove, one shakes, stirrs and edits like there's no tomorrow and presto: we have three sublime midtempo deephouse meets dubby disco cuts. All three are mint, but I think Time Rider will get the most plays from me. Out now in all fine record stores

Listen to Casinoboy - Timerider

Essential record. Buy a copy. Or two if you abuse em like me ;)