Chez Damier - Time Visions 1 (Mojuba)

I remember picking up my first single on Mojuba a few years ago (which happened to be a lovely record by Sven Weiseman). Remember the little bits of cloth they used to stick on the white sleeve? Well, Mojuba has left the realms of obscurity over the past few years and established itself as a prime outlet for the deepest/ambient house and techno around.

I was surprised to see deephouse veteran Chez Damier on the label's release roster, but apparantly the good people at Mojuba decided to create a sister-label (Mojuba G.O.D. - Good Old Dance) to unleash Damier's hidden and forgotten tracks onto the world. I don't particularly care for the two old Prescription tracks on this EP (check out the excellent Brawther release on Balance Alliance if you're into this kind of stuff for an updated take on the prescription sound), but the midtempo burner 'Why' is sheer class. A trippy, stripped down track with some ace harmonica lines. Can't wait to play this out, perfect tune for a lazy sundayafternoon.

Listen to 'Why' here: