Super Value Edits - Super Manifesto

Hot on the heels of the Ray Mang CD release comes this sublime mastermix of reworkings by Italian mystery duo Super Value. Over the past year or two, these boys have put out some superb edits, using a simple (but very effective) recipe: extend and cut up an obscure disco track, add druggy, chuggy raw Theo Parrish-esque drums and you have yourself a tune that invariably gets people running to your decks asking what you're playing. For those of you that haven't picked up any of the 12"s, this is your chance to get in on Italy's best kept disco secret at a great price. It's essentially a Mastermix but the tracks have been 'mixed' in a way that still allows us jocks to mix the individual tracks. Essential.

Don't wait too long, the first batch apparantly sold out within a day...

Order Super Manifesto at Phonica


  1. I second everything that is written above. So worth having this - a collection of great party weapons that you can also stick on and listen to when you can't be bothered to get up and DJ.

    Nice blog as well - just devoting it to a particular tempo is a marvellous idea. As it says on the label of one of the Leo Zero 12s I believe: "Everything must chug".

  2. i got this cd. i love it. anyone know the track names???

  3. i`ve recieved it yesterday. Im wondering the same,, and who are those guys?¿
    I like the tracks but not the mix order,,matter of tastes, what u think.

    Great blog!



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