Disco Builders - Don't Look Back (Aniligiital Music)

The good people at Aniligiiital Music sent me a lovely promo by The Disco Builders, a new San Francisco band produced by the mighty Tal M. Klein. Their forthcoming EP features two original tracks and two remixes (by Omegaman and the Hardway brother, who both speed up the tempo and house things up a bit). It's the original of Don't Look Back' that works for me though, a lush downtempo nugget of modern electronic soul. Truth be told, I would have liked a dub because the vocals are very prominent in this tune, but then again it's quite lovely the way it is. A band to look out for!

Listen to 'Don't look back' here:


  1. hey my man,

    thanks for the support! fyi - the digital release of the EP which will trail the vinyl release by a month (meaning it'll be out in august) will have instrumentals of both vocal tracks in it.



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