Outmode - Dark Journey (The Revenge & Toby Tobias remixes)

Another new label peeps its lovely head around the corner: Join the Dots. Very nice maiden voyage it is too, with two of my favourite leftfield boogie dons on remix duties: The Revenge and Toby 'Casinoboy' Tobias. Can't make up my mind which version I like better. The Revenge (who is seriously taking the world by storm, I think this is the 6th release of his that has come out this week) drops a lush deephouse number which reminds me of Manuel Tur's moody sound for some reason (which is a good thing in my book). Toby Tobias drops the tempo a bit and turns in a delicious chugging, synthy beast that pushes all the right buttons for 9 glorious minutes. Up on Juno Download so pick up both tracks without breaking the bank. We're in the middle of a crisis after all..

Have a listen to Toby Tobias' chugfest:


  1. Damn you digital-only!! I'm a vinyl guy!

  2. Try finding one 12" without a The Revenge remix this week :)


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