Permanent Vacation - Tic Toc (ft. Kathy Diamond) / Zucker Hut PERM040

The 40th full release for Permanent Vacation, which coincides with the first output from label heads Tom Bioly and Benjamin Frohlich, shows off their ear for a great tune, as the label's back catalogue bears testament.

The A-side "Tic Toc", an upbeat piano-driven deeper house number with elements of disco and electro featuring the sublime vocal talents of Kathy Diamond (I still play "All Woman" most sets), has a great uplifting feel to it without being over the top, and is sure to get the punters up onto the floor within a few bars. I've been using it to great success as a mid-set transitional tune, with a regular procession of "what's the name of this tune and who's it by" beating a path to the booth.

The B-side "Zucker Hut" is the real sleeper here, having taken me a few listens to really get into it now I absolutely love it. A hypnotic slap-style bass chugs this baby along relentlessly, though the whole tune is incredibly subtle (it may not be a dancefloor weapon but for warm-up sets it will rock their sox..). Overall however, the thing that really got me in about this track was the beautifully layered feel that it has, with new little aspects being added every couple of minutes or so - handclaps, some cowbell (I need more cowbell!!), angelic strings way back in the mix and a gorgeous rhythmic triangle pretty much all the way through. Absolutely brilliant.

A killer two-sided release here as we've come to expect from PV, and a must-have in my bag each week....

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