Redux digital label compilation

I'm quite partial to a nice, heavy piece of wax. There's something very satisfying about putting your needle on a new record. At the same time, I've always hated schlepping around heavy record bags, having records skip mid-set, or (which happens increasingly) arrive at a venue to find out they stopped 'doing' turntables there. I'm happy to report that Redux stepped over to the dark side and put its backcatalogue on Juno Download for all us crying Nancies. What we have here is a rather fantastic collection of edits, reworks and original productions by some of the heavy guns of today's nudisco/re-edit scene, such as Pete Herbert, 40 Thieves, Greg Wilson and Nick Chacona & Anthony Mansfield.

My personal favorites are the two cuts by Casinoboy (who seems to feature a lot on these pages for some odd reason). Both tracks are ace, but it's the wonky boogiefest of 'Twilight Lady' that I like the most. Buy the compilation and safely store those heavy Redux 12"s for future generations

Listen to 'Twilight Lady' here: