Shoes - Why Can't We Live Together (House & Dub Re-Edits)

I am unashamedly one of the biggest fans of the recent wave of re-edits around the traps, but I must also admit that the majority of the more obscure reworks leave me somewhat underwhelmed. It isn't the unfamiliarity of the source track that loses me, I just feel that a lot of them are somewhat pointless, and have very little crowd appeal which is what being a DJ is mainly about. Either way they just don't usually grab me at all.

So I guess from this opinion it only follows to reason that whenever good quality re-edits of better known tracks come out my interest is automatically piqued, as fraught with danger as this musical pursuit can be. Admittedly there are way more misses than hits when it comes to this type of thing, but the good ones are usually mind-blowing

SHOES is one of the real sleeper success stories when it comes to taking on tunes ranging from the widely-known to the downright classic and turning them into absolute musical weapons. (See also PATCHWORKS, who I'm sure I'll blog about pretty soon after this...)

The particular cut I've chosen to highlight here is his rework of Timmy Thomas' classic downtempo soul / gospel track "Why Can't We Live Together", which SHOES pumps up and puffs out into a 115 BPM floor destroyer whilst retaining most of the elements of the OG which made it such a classic (A lot of the vox and the great "toot-toot" Hammond organ are in the front of the mix).

If you like something a bit different, I would also recommend you check out his other stuff, most notably his Miles Davis and Hamilton Bohannon EPs - all available digitally at Turntablelab, and some also available (but pretty hard to track down at original retail prices) on vinyl if you fancy your cratedigging skills

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  1. I have been loving the one Shoes release that I do have... thanks for turning me on to the fact that there are a bunch of others that I need to collect! Amazing edits indeed!


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