Situation - Situation Edits vol. 1

Remember that superb 'Pushing on' track that came out on Disco Deviance a little while ago? The crew that did that blissed-out edit now follows through with two new bits on their own label: Situation. These guys apparantly got their first break when they passed a cd with some edits on to Greg Wilson at the Big Chill, who was stunned by the quality of the productions. Mr. Wilson certainly has an ear for talent, as this release will go down a treat in disco/boogie obsessed circles. ‘Love In Me’ on the B is my pick, a chunky, deep, chugging edit of The Whispers with a sharp 80's clap, which will work wonders for those of us who mix up disco, boogie and house. Great stuff, can't wait to play this out.

You can check out both cuts on the new Situation My Space page here: