Soul Clap Edits - Wolf and Lamb Black Label

Bit late on this release by Soul Clap, but when this first surfaced I only bothered to listen to the Stevie Wonder edit on the A, which sounds an awful lot like an edit The Revenge released a while ago on Jisco. The Revenge is propably my favorite producer these days, so it goes without saying I prefer his take on the Stevie tune.

The Soul Clap boys saved the best for the flip though, turning an 80s single by Womack & Womack into a chuggy, detroitish deephouse number that pushes all the right buttons. Funnily enough I tried to do my own rework of this track a couple of months ago but it didn't go anywhere. Kudos to the Soul Clap captains for managing to turn such a cheesy pop track into such a nice deep smokey affair. Will keep my eyes open for forthcoming releases on W+L BL.

Check out the record here