Chalk Hill Edits Vol. 1

I don't particularly care for most edits that are released these days. Nine out of ten records in the disco section of my local record store follow the same recipe: obscure disco track, quantized beats, extended intro, extended outro, presto. Great way to get your hands on hard to find gems, but there's not much creativity involved, is there?

I'm glad I gave the first installment of Chalk Hill's edits a listen though. The Chalk Hill boys have given Susan Vega and Dee Dee Sharp a very fine makeover, adding a very mellow deephouse vibe to both tunes. Dee Dee Sharp's Nobody Can Do What You Do is my pick of the two, a lovely percussive, blissed out piece of work that is screaming for early-evening/end of night action. Check out/buy the record here.

Word on the street is there will be a new volume of Chalk Hill edits every month. Sounds like we're in for some serious treats then!