Frank Booker - Paper Cuts (Untracked)

Frank Booker drops his second EP on the excellent Untracked imprint. Frank's debut release was a three tracker with mid-tempo dopeness of the highest order. Standout track on that record was Universal Drive, which I've been playing to a pulp over the past months.

With his sophomore release - Paper Cuts - Booker firmly puts himself firmly on the map of discofied midtempo deepness. The title track of the EP is a nice synthy chugger that will please the fans of Eskimo Recordings. It's Get On on the flip that makes this such a special record though. Hit the player below, sit back, close your eyes, and try to sit still during the 7 and a half minute sleazefest that ensues. Sublime tune, destined for big things. Go out and buy this record now on heavyweight wax, you won't regret it.