Hidden History Recordings

One of the most underrated producers in the realm of midtempo electronica is LTJ X-perience, a guy from Bologna, Italy, who has been making music for as long as I can remember. You might have heard his classy slow burner 'I love you', which featured on Mark E's seminal recent RA mix. Another personal favorite is 'Cocos' on Irma, which has been a bit of a secret weapon of mine for quite a while now. Now he teams up with Riccio for a three tracker on the brand spankin' new Hidden History Recordings imprint. All three tracks are deep, chugging, low-slung BEASTS with more than a whiff of the Super Value Crew sound... (another mystery solved?). I haven't been this excited about a new record in a while, go check for youself, you won't regret it.

Preview the entire record here or check the ridiculously delicious 'Sun Healer' in the player below.

P.S. Scheduled for release in August/September


  1. Moon Beat still gets a play every couple month's after all these years , real heavy weight mid tempo act!!! and yeah I Love You is some serious low slung goodness. Thanks for the heads up on Hidden history , all trax sound great cheers


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