Leftside Wobble

"Joining the dots between dub, funk, disco & house. No specific genres, eras, musical fads or other such nonsense. Just a celebration of grooves that tickle your hips and soothe your soul"

That's Leftside Wobble for you, one of the most exciting names in re-edit land at the moment. His recent rerubs of Ashford & Simpson and (scary man) Teddy Pendergrass are most wobbly indeed: extended, re-arranged and beefed up disco niceness that works a treat on discerning floors.

Makes sure to check out his blog, where you can find/download some of his edits and which offers a new mix about every other week. Essential stuff, excellent blog. We like!

Leftside Wobble


  1. Many thanks for the kind words ref the edits & mixes. Nice blog you got here too. :)




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