Zig Zag - Zig Zag (Pacha)

There's been a long awaited reissue in the exciting world of disco 12" records recently. The (until now) next-to-impossible-to-find self-titled gem by obscure 1970's Quebec (?) underground disco band Zig Zag (Dick Torros & Taj Bolduc) has been unleashed again on the small Canadian Pacha imprint. The original of this classic gem has been elusive for even many of the most dedicated disco record collectors for years; the original 197? version has often in the past been seen in stores and various online bids for no less than $100. Oh what a joy it is to be able to snag these tunes on wax for a decent price finally!

With some of the tracks from the original having been played in sets by massive heavyweight disco dj and die-hard record collector and afficionado Lovefingers, you can expect nothing but pure quality here. These tunes pay homage to the classic disco sound of the 70s, perfect to throw in a set for that 'toot-toot, hayyy, beep-beep' disco moment in a classic disco or cosmic disco set. A major seller is that all the tunes on offer are fully equipped with sultry french vocals that ooze disco sleaze...fans of the right honorable Sir Ray Mang should line up for this one.

The first track "Disco Dancer" could potentially be my fave here where, as the girl tells us, it's all about 'l'amour'. This one is complete with heavy wah-wah guitar twangs and a wonderfully snappy yet also somehow lazy disco beat. "Disco Fever" is up next; and here parallels could be perhaps drawn to the cosmic sounds of legendary disco band of the 70's, Space and their top-selling Magic Fly album, however here with a slightly more organic and true classic disco sound perhaps. Deep synths juxtaposed with a lovely trumpet riff and pulsating bass gives this tune top deep late-night disco flair. Next, "Stop stop stop" is another one more on the laid back tip, with those sweet disco chorus girls cooing in the background and a fantastic subtle little acid line that works it's way in and out all the while. "Gay'O" is another phenomenal cut bringing back the really lively and boogie down disco feeling. Catchy bongos, synth stabs, extra funky guitar licks and basline, and a really hot sounding french gal whispering 'sexxxyyy...' during the break. Perfect. Oh yeah - now you can flip it over for 3 more seriously badass cuts on the b-side. Serious value here.

Did I mention it's a limited edition release? Do disco music some justice and grab the black stuff here quick and proceed to bask in all it's disco glory.