Ashley Beedle - Railroad Man (Cosmic Boogie)

If you are into the music that we write about here, there is no doubt that you may have stumbled upon Stu Robinson's Cosmic Boogie blog. It is yet another wonderful corner of the internet, bringing attention to the sounds that we all love. This year the Boogie grew into a record label as well!

For their second release they have enlisted the magic editing wand of Ashley Beedle, and he slices up nothing less than the huge talents of Al Green and Bill Withers. Blasphemy, you say? Why not just play the originals, you ask? Well don't worry, Mr. Beedle has left the intent completely intact on these two classics. What he's done here is simply extended the good bits, turning 'Railroad Man' into a tripped out journey over ten minutes long, and 'Everything Is OK' into a beautifully polished dream. Remastering for more oomph and cutting them nice and loud on the wax didn't hurt either.

Check out some samples and purchase the vinyl here, but in order to really dig what has been done you are going to have to hear the whole thing for yourself. If you have a SoundCloud account, you can hear the entire tracks here: Railroad Man / Everything Is OK.