Mark E - Codsall Juniors (Endless Flight)

Well we've talked alot about Mark E recently, but with damn good reason, as the man's been hard at work putting out mid-tempo scorchers of the highest calibre. Not only the tasty dub remix of Fallen Hero, but also his latest debut Merc release that has floored us here at Sleazy HQ - (both of which you can read about below if you haven't yet). Now he's given us even more reason to get down with further September output of his own - his 'Codsall Juniors' release on the superb Endless Flight (Mule Musiq) stamp out of Tokyo, Japan.

2 phenomenal mid/slo-tempo house scorchers on offer here, both cuts swathed in midas gold as we have come to expect from no one other than Mark. The title track is likely my pick; it appeared recently on E.F.'s 'I'm Starting to Feel Ok Vol.3' mix CD. The slower of the two, it's a real dreamy floater that takes the listener on one of the deepest trips I've heard from a tune in a good bit. Uber soft and deeep extend-o pads that go on forever and morph into a mellow synth chorus at the break.

The B-side tosses us 'Gunstone' where the tempo starts to chug up a little quicker (although still pretty slow, I mean come on, we're talking Mark E here...) This one's got crunchy snares and a few more electronic sounds in the fore of the mix that make for a bit more of a wake up tune than the first, but don't get me wrong - it's also a really nice lush ride, it's calmed with some really nice seminal deephouse pads. The subtle yet quirky vocal sample that comes in every so often is pitched down like crazy but seems to mutter 'diiissco..'. Indeed another heavy record from our man Mark.

Grab a listen here and correct me if I'm wrong, or snap it up quick if ya dig.

Have a listen to Gunstone here: