Disco Deviance - Do It Nice And Easy [With Love] (Disco Deviance)

Well I for one have been rinsing the Disco Deviance releases to shreds for some time now, I think I've managed to grab all but just a few of their lovely slabs since their '07 debut. The relatively incognito edit label is host to a wide range of artists such as Fat Camp, BC, Pete Herbert, Dicky Trisco, Out in the Sticks, Situation and Ashley Beedle to name a few. All these guys have had success massaging old funk and soul classics in just the right spots, turning them into proper dancefloor burners. I personally like to keep all the Disco Deviance releases in the front of my bag so I know exactly where to reach for big fat, organic, funk and disco superedits when I need em. I have so much time for the label that I used two DD records on my last mix.

Anyways Disco Deviance #10 has just been launched, (coinciding nicely with the 10,000th visitor to Sleazybeats, whoa...) As per usual, this one boasts two hot edits, this time by the legendary electrofunkroots-ster, Greg Wilson. In my humble opinion it's all about the first track: "Do It Nice and Easy (With Love)" that's got me all flustered. You may in fact have already heard this great tune in the past year or so on one of Mr. Wilson's many top Dj mixes that are up on the Cosmic Boogie website. We're pretty happy that it's finally out now on wax for us commoners to play with...

If you're a fan of this kind of stuff like we are, you'll need this record too. Just have a listen. Oh, and be sure to read about all things Greg Wilson-related on his most excellent Electrofunkroots website.


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