Motor City Drum Ensemble - Raw Cuts compilation

With his Raw Cuts series, Motor City Drum Ensemble served up some of the best house bits to have surfaced over the past years . We're talking four 12"s of nasty, gritty lo-slung beats laced with spooky strings and chopped up vocal loops done to perfection.

Those of you that missed one or two of these babies (the early ones are very hard to find) will be thrilled to hear MCDE is about to put out a CD compilation which features all the previous Raw Cuts material. The fun doesn't end there, as we're also treated to three ace new exclusive tracks.

Fantastic package this, and at a very reasonable price too.

Check out the new tracks and (pre)order this shiny niceness here

Meanwhile, have a listen to Raw Cuts #3, my favorite so far..
Motor City Drum Ensemble - Raw Cuts 3 (MCDE/FACES/RUSH HOUR) by invrs


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