6th Borough Project - McLovin (Permanent Vacation)

If you gave Craig Smith's Sleazy Beats mix a listen (which you really should - it's insanely good) your pickle must have been tickled by 6th Borough Project's 'McLovin', a slow motion chugfest that grooves in all the right places. I've been lusting after this for quite some time now, and was happy to find out that Permanent Vacation offered it a spot on their new CD compilation 'If this is house I want my money back'. The comp offers some prime deephouse cuts by the likes of Hunee (whose recent 12" on Internasjonal is pretty spectacular), Roots Unit and John Talabot. Forget about ever checking those out though, cause once the first bars of McLovin come leaking out of your speakers you'll find yourself tapping your toes, snapping your fingers, bobbing your head and without even noticing you'll press the 'repeat one' button and all else will be lost and forgotton. For once I'm glad I own a CDJ - hope Permanent Vacation will do the needful and put out a vinyl sampler though. Absolutely essential.

Listen to a sample of McLovin here

Out on the 23rd of November!