Golf Channel Recordings

I have been salivating over this record label for a good while now. I'm surprised I haven't mentioned it sooner. A couple of other blogs have done pieces on it, and I've heard it mentioned in very small circles... but for the most part I think it has flown under the radar. So now it is time to talk about it here, in our sleazy little corner of the internet.

What do I know about Golf Channel Recordings? Well first, I know they currently have four releases. You can find their discography here. The label started back in 2007 with a wicked Mark E edit of Janet Jackson's "R&B Junkie". And this label started with style and integrity, and continues to do so... every release is vinyl only, and initial runs are limited to 100-120 copies that have hand stamped artwork. Not only that, but they are hand-numbered by the NY label owner and 'No Ordinary Monkey' party thrower Phil South! By the time their records are finally repressed in larger quantity months later, the small population in-the-know are clamoring over each other to get a copy.

One of my favorite releases was the third one, simply called 'Try To Find Me Vol. 1'. On it was an infectious edit of Chic's relatively unpopular song 'Flashback'. Check out samples of that release below:

The repress of their fourth release has recently hit stores. This one features a cosmic edit of Lebanese artist Elias Rahbani's "Liza" tune. Spaced out and slowed down to add a depth to this one that will not let you stop dancing! Flip the record over for a synthed-out rework of Dr. Hook's "Penicillin Penny". Juno still has copies here as of this writing, but they'll likely go fast. Get them while you can.

...and keep an eye out for their fifth release rumored to be coming soon, because now you know how it is: Find them during that initial pressing, or you may find yourself waiting months for a copy.


  1. and CHANNEL006:

  2. ^^ Thanks for the headsup, looks ossum

  3. Make Dance has been into my bag for months guys, good pick!


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