Prince Language/Donald Bumps - Don't Stop The Macho (Editions Disco)

There's a hot new little record that just dropped a couple of days ago that's got us tickled here at Sleazy HQ. The always classy and on-point Editions Disco imprint serves up a couple of wicked new disco edits by my one of my favourite Nuyorkinan disco heads Prince Language (DJ Language). This cat has been mighty busy these days with re-rubs and mixes for countless bands and other artists which is why we haven't heard from him in a good minute. He's teamed up this time with Donald Bumps (a new name for me) to bring us 'Don't Stop The Macho', a great two tracker of different feelgood disco.

The title track is the Prince Language cut - a moody, dark and sweaty number with a great bassline and fantastic male vocal that fans of Georgio Moroder and Gino Soccio will likely lean hard towards. We're then hit with an opposite feeling tune on the b-side as Donald Bump dices up a great female vocal track, with my pick of the two 'Nah, That's Hot'. Here, this guy pumps the echo to the max on the funky soul-claps, throws mass reverb on the guitar and voila, we've got ourselves a rocking dubby little number, perhaps a-la "Idjut Boys sound". It's no wonder that ths record has been getting the plays from none other than those funky Idjuts, along with countless others like the always inspiring Norwegian boys (Terje, Prins and Lindstrøm), and the always exciting DJ Harvey.

Pick up this fantastic piece of wax before too late here, cause these Editions Disco records sell out often enough!


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