Riccio - Hidden History 002

Second release on Hidden History Recordings, the new imprint of Super Value heavyweights LTJ X-Perience and Riccio. I absolutely loved the debut single, a joint effort of the two label bosses who turned in three sublime slow motion moody beatdown workouts. It's one of those records that I just can't stop playing - my copy is already starting to pop and crackle...

Riccio (or Ricardo Zanaroli to his friends) is flying solo on the label's sophomore release, and he sure doesn't disappoint. Our Italian friend opts for a slightly less moody approach and drops three infectious midtempo chuggy disco beasts. My pick of the bunch is the B1,' Low Down', which cleverly samples an old Boz Scaggs classic. All three tracks are mint though, with those trademark Super Value heavy, warm drums.

Can't wait to play this over a big system, it'll have the punters running to the booth faster than Usain Bolt (well that's not very likely but you see what I'm getting at..)

Check out the entire EP here

Out soon in all decent record shops