Sleazy Beats Recording 001 - Win a free Test Pressing!

We're thrilled to announce the launch of our very own imprint, Sleazy Beats Recordings. We've covered so many great records and met so many great artists through these pages, settting up a label and putting out some of that dreamy lo-slung beatdown disco we love so much seemed like a logical progression.

We're extremely pleased to report we managed to get Canadian superman Eddie C on board for our maiden voyage. Eddie's recent releases on Jisco, Flashback, Wolf Music and Seven Inches of Love were all incredible and got him some much deserved attention in disco/nu disco circles. Luckily, Eddie saved his best bits for us: the gloriously deep & dreamy 9-minute adventure that is Space Cadet, the heavy slo-mo funk of Get Down and finally the midtempo disco bomb 'One With the Stars', all on one shiny black 12" that will be out in a week or two. It's already being charted by the likes of LTJ X-Perience and Ali from OOFT and rumour has it Cottam is playing 'One With The Stars' all over the place.

Eddie C - One With The Stars (Sleazy Beats Recordings 01) by SleazyBeats

Check out full-length samples of all three tunes here

Meanwhile, have Juno send you an e-mail once they get it in

That's not all though: we have a Test Pressing of SBR001 to give away to one lucky reader. Simply tell us why you think you deserve to get your hands on the record, and we'll pick the most original/heartfelt/cringeworthy plea and send it over to you. The winner will be announced in one week.


  1. Awesome release with the great superspyderbatman Eddie C !!! every track as adding to the following...I promise to tear the dancefloor to pieces if this ep will be in my long a bit pilose and rapid hands!!!

  2. Well, Eddie C is one of my fave producers. Would love to get my hands on this one...deep mid-tempo chuggers aren't the norm here in Chicago...but that's all I push when I get the opportunity to spin...I only spin vinyl as well...people need to the blog BTW, I'm thinking of starting my own beat down collective here in the Chi. Thanks for the inspiration !!!

  3. I live in Portland, Oregon where it rains non-stop 8 months a year. I'm unemployed. I have no money, car, girlfriend, or health insurance. Music is the only thing that's keeps my spirits up these days. Can you spare a 12" to help a brother out?

  4. Because I was born without tastebuds, it heightend my taste in music. And because your new imprint looks to be shaping up to release quality disco, deep grooves (which I play)I think it should be me that recieves a test pressing which I promise to play out to maximum effect at my events here in the North east England. Plus considering Eddie C has not paid my sister any maintainence money for their lovechild...I think it only fair I try and get something back for her!!!

    Thanks, Adrian

  5. oh god why i havent seen this post earlier :( it was my birthday :p

  6. Thanks for the heartfelt stories guys, we picked our winner yesterday. Matt from Oregon seems to need a little sunshine in his life, maybe this record will help a little.

  7. Excellent stuff - particularly digging Space Cadet. I don't DJ but very much appreciate good music - any idea where I could buy a digital copy of this??


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