Social Disco Club - Man Of Magic (Hands Of Time)

Brand spanking new record by the talented Portuguese producer Social Disco Club, aka Humberto Matias, whom you may know from other top ventures on imprints like Bear Funk and Mindless Boogie. Out now on the hot new UK label, Hands of Time - this excellent two tracker features two cracking disco edits that wouldn't seem out of place in dj sets by big disco dons like Ray Mang, Todd Terje, Lovefingers etc. In fact I'm pretty sure I've heard the title track 'Man of Magic' on a recent set by Mr. Mang already.

This first tune hooks you with a great horn section that echoes the super catchy lyrics and really swell strings sewn together so well like only SDC can do. A seriously great track, very animated and loads of fun to listen to. The second tune 'Sandwich Love' is probably the pick of the litter for me here, however, I'm kind of a sucker for a nice flute I think. This track sounds a little more 'serious' if that makes any sense, more mysterious. Another disco corker, that has a little heavier disco beat than the first. A soothing vocal whispering in the background, cosmic space noises and then blam, another flock of disco babes doin their thing. Another amazing release by Social Disco Club...and keep em peeled for more goodies on Hands of Time, word on the street is that they've got some real gems in the pipes a comin'. Order your copy here

Sandwich Love by Social Disco Club