Voyeurhythm EP Vol 1

Superb debut record from the Voyeurhythm camp that came out a while ago. Ordered it right away but it took forever to make its way over to Amsterdam, so I completely forgot about this lovely threetracker that features the fine production skills of Ben Sun, Megadon Betamax and Hollywood Nites. Benjamin Sun's 'When You Looked' reminds me of Kid Sublime's Basement Works series (which is obviously a good thing). It's the B1 that's my favorite though, a slow motion workout called 'heavy lifting' which features a cool male vocal loop and wonky synth stabs.

Check out the record here, you'l love it

Meanwhile, keep an eye out for Voyeurhythm 002, which comes with a superb Ben Sun track called Victoria Park that'll have make you wet yourself. Essential!