First Choice - Dr. Love * Marcus Aurelius edit

Deep house don Marcus Aurelius (who's done some great stuff on Kolour and Alphabet Music) got his hands dirty on First Choice's classic Dr. Love and is kindly sharing the results with us. His edit is a midtempo dubby groover that works in all the right places, making great use of the familiar hook over lo-slung, understated beats. If you like The Revenge's edits, you'll love this one.

Lovely edit this, download here, it's free!


  1. Very very nice. That is THE loop from that song.

    Reminds me of 'Heaven & Earth - Prescription Every Night' on Planet E I think, from the mid-90s. I remember being blown away by it's luscious goodness after hearing on Carl Craig's excellent essential mix from around then. Good times!

  2. Oh, and any idea when and where, if at all, i'd be able to buy a digital version of 'Eddie C - Space Cadet'?

    Tremendous tune.

  3. Hey Mr Haakon, glad you dig Marcus' edit, we'll pass on your kind words. Eddie C's 12" is in the shops tomorrow or thursday, digital release will be a while later.

    Best, MM

  4. hallo!
    i heared an other edit/mix of this track. eddie c played it in his "augustDjmix". can you tell me where i can get this track?

  5. Nice edit of this one although I would have preferred a little bit more of the vocal revealed, to be honest. Nonetheless good work once again guys.


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