Brad Slyde & Discobreak (Free disco downloads)

"Montreal's best kept secret" Brad Slyde has a heavy hand for all things disco...the man's got a collection of old classic vinyl gems that would make many DJs stomachs churn and their knees weak. I remember being in his loft apartment around 2002 and looking around only to be staring at virtually wall-to-wall records, a DJ setup, and a massive Fender stack covering an entire wall up to the was something out of a movie.

He also has a penchant for the edit, and has painstakingly taken it upon himself to cut and beef up some older gems over the years, prodding them in just the right spots, bringing them back into life like only he can. Luckily for us he's been kind enough to send us a couple of extremely tasty disco edits to hefty WAV format! Grab em below:

Scum - Lay Down (Brad Slyde Edit)

Mighty Pope - Inagadadavida (Brad Slyde Edit)

Aside from djing around the Montreal circuit, he also puts on a quality radio show called Heavy Rotation where he drops all sorts of delicious tracks each week. You can check his superb Discobreak website for info on the show as well as hear many of the other golden edits he's done, along with info, mixes and other goodies.


  1. Very nice work!!!! Thx

    cheers addy-f

  2. THX A LOT!!!!

  3. any chance you could re-up?

  4. Hey guys, feel free to download more @ :)


  5. Any chance of a re-up of the mighty pope one, it's a beaut!

    Checked your site brad and have got most the other edits but that one isn't up there.

  6. hey guys just re-upped both of these.



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