Duff Disco - Return of the Duff (DUFF002)

Duff Disco drops the next set of edits on his own Duff Disco imprint and boy does he deliver another tasty pair. The first release by the Duff camp is one of the dopest records I've picked up in a while, offering supreme slo-mo reworks of David Bowie and The Red Hot Chilli Peppers (I know how disastrous that sounds but it's really really good, check out some samples here).

The second release will see the light of day in a week or three, and features a cheeky low-slung rework of Return of the Mack. In case you were born outside of Europe after 1980: The Return of The Mack was a monster hit in the 90s by Mark Morisson, a British R 'n B/Urban badboy with a seriously messed up haircut who managed to get thrown in jail for paying a lookalike to perform Morrison's court-appointed community service in his stead (!).

Duff uses/reworks that killer hook of Return of the Mack to maximum effect, creating a 100 BPM monster of a groove. There's two versions, one with snippets of the familiar vocals and one dub. It's the latter that I can't stop playing, it really hits the spot.

Have a listen to Return of the Duff (Dub) here:

DUFFDISCO002 - Return Of The Duff (Dub) (Preview) by duffdisco

Duff releases these babies on vinyl only (a very limited run of 300 copies) and sells them through the Duff Shop and a handful of select vinyl retailers. Juno still have a few copies left of Duff Disco 001, so pick it up before they're all gone - forever!

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