Ilija Rudman - Call Me Tonight Vol. 1 (Red Music)

Killer new EP by one of our favorite producers Ilija Rudman has just hit the shelves, on his tasty Red Music imprint. 'Call Me Tonight Volume 1' doles out three smoking discofunk cuts - all of which just so happen to be chock full of the stellar grooves that we love. A1 kicks things off with the original version of the title track, serving up a right saucy slap-bassline, woodblock and electro claps that will have fans of Spirit Catcher et al. sitting up straight in their chairs. Next, the instrumental version of 'Night People' moves over to a sightly lighter mood with a couple of beautifully laid back guitar riffs, smooth synths atop a nice punchy kick that moves the track along quite nicely. Finally flip her over for the full-length B-side where things get nudged back up to high gear with The Revenge's 'Engaged' mix of Call Me Tonight, which is just brimming with top-notch quality as we've come to know and expect.

Meander over to Juno to snap up this golden 3-pack of loveliness right away, cause this record is simply mint. And be sure to keep an eye on Red Music for upcoming releases - such as Vol. 2 which will be out soon, featuring another equally tasty Revenge '1-800-mix' and a cut by none other than Greg Wilson.


  1. great record! thanks for the tip, support


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