V/A - Fresh Noodles (Prime Numbers)

Just a quick note from Sleazy HQ to draw your attention to a fresh new joint on the Prime Numbers label. This imprint (run by Manchester DJ and artist Trus'me) has put forth some really forward thinking, organic music, and this 12" is no exception.

You've got three cuts offered here. A lot of DJs will immediately focus on the upbeat MCDE track, especially given his current popularity. There's also a nice broken beat thing here from Mahogani Music artist Andre that has a familiar sample (is that PYT?... nah, something similar... right on the tip of my tongue)... but I'm skipping immediately over to the title track, 'Fresh Noodles'.

On this cut, Mr. Scruff gets together with Kaidi Tatham (who is part of Bugz In The Attic, among other groups). The two of them craft a smooth midtempo groove with nice stabs, smooth keys, a wonderful flute melody, and a touch of shake and boogie in all the right places. Whacking in around 110 bpms, this is what 'drop the tempo' is all about! Check out the samples below, or click HERE to grab a copy from Juno Records.