VA - Future Disco: The Extended Future Disco Mix - DJ Version (Needwant)

2010! Not really what I had envisioned to be honest, I've been checking the skies for flying cars and have been pretty disappointed so far.

Anyways a fitting post here to start the new year I think, about a fantastic little comp by many of our favourite artists that we've talked about on these pages over the past year. Sean Brosnan's excellent UK label Needwant - the very same that just recently released the superb Revenge EP 'Just Be Good To Me', (some copies are still at Juno, it's a wicked record) now brings us Future Disco: The Extended Future Disco Mix - which yes, the acclaimed 'mixed' version came out back in September. This one too offers the mixed disc which is nice for home listening sure...but the real meat is the 'DJ version' with all these classy tunes unmixed to jam out in your mix sets. This little disc features many sleazy faves that all of us here have been pretty damn head over heels about for a while, and is undoubtedly a worthwhile addition for the collection.

Grab this nifty little package HERE, and be sure to keep an eye out for upcoming releases on Needwant with remixes by Ray Mang and Sleazy darling Eddie C in the near future.