Eddie C - Between Now And Then (Endless Flight)

I swear to you... the Sleazy Beats blog is not owned by Canadian DJ and producer Eddie C. This may shock some people, as we tend to talk about him as if he is the next messiah. I tell you that we just can't help it. We love his music that much, and want to see it reach as many ears as possible.

This is why we are here today to point you towards Eddie's newest 12". This one has been released on the Japanese record label Mule Musiq's offshoot known as Endless Flight. On this record we are offered four sublime cuts. All of them fall into that groovy midtempo range that we freak about over here.

The title cut, 'Between Now And Then', has this hypnotic synthesizer that just washes over you and makes you forget all your troubles. Then there is 'You Know How', which observant fans of this artist will recognize as being previously released on a Seven Inches Of Love record (and featured prominently on Cole Medina's 'Disk Union Mix', mentioned many times on these pages). Now you can get this gem in the somewhat easier-to-manipulate 12" format.

Flip the record to find another two party rockers. 'The Show Is Over' might be my pick of the bunch. The vocals, the horn stabs, and that killer groove...it just oozes with the sort of vibe I am always looking for. He finishes off the record with 'Gimme Your Dub', which as the name implies is a spaced-out slow jam that will most certainly find its place at the beginning and end of many nights and DJ sets.

The wax is in stores now, folks. Grab your very own copy HERE.