KZA - Let's Get Lost Vol. 1 (Let's Get Lost)

Quick heads up to let you know about some mega-funky edits by one of Japan's most revered crate hounds KZA (Force of Nature), on the newbie label (well, another Mule Musiq offshoot) Let's Get Lost - that supposedly will feature old school edits and weird disco samples; sounds purdy good to us. You might remember KZA from his recent previous releases on Mule Musiq/Endless Flight 'I'm Starting To Feel Ok' and his debut album called "Dig And Edit", (which was hit and miss for me personally). However for this killer little 12" he's gone and revamped some of his favourite disco burners for us, the likes of which a few of our favourite disc-o jocks have been tossing down. This guy knows his records inside out and has hand-picked a couple of the best of the best disco cuts for his re-hashing projects, which you'll realize as soon as the needle drops.

Two tracks of note here, I think. First off, 'Goody Goody' is a great edit of the old classic Vincent Montana Jr. Project tune - 'It Looks Like Love'. Chopped and extended with care, KZA's re-worked it brilliantly to enable a steady drop into light disco or funk set with ease. "Dancer" is a remake of french boogie band Voyage's 'I Love You Dancer', which is an alright tune, but methinks I'll skip to the final cut here - and probably my pick of the three, 'Tonight', an edit of 'Ce Soir' by Beauregard, Violletti & Ste. Claire. As you can hear the original is so damn mega-funky although so damn mega-short, so KZA's kindly done the needful and extended the best parts (i.e the sexy-as-hell french vocal and bongo break). This one's going to sound crazy on a big rig.

As has become our catch phrase: do yourself a favour and pick up this lovely record here, and keep an eye on Let's Get Lost cause it looks like they could be a home for the more tasteful of disco reworks. The second release due out sometime in spring will supposedly feature the likes of one of the boys from Rub n' Tug.