Small World Disco Edits - Depth of My Soul

The third edition of the Small World Disco Edits series is out and boy what a treat it is. Other than the name suggests, we're not dealing with cut and paste edits here (extend intro, extend outo, quantize beats, presto!), but full-on beatdown reworks of disco and soul rarities. The man behind the controls is a young guv'ner from Italy who previously dabbled with techno and switched over to the dark side of lowslung disco deepness. All three tracks are absolute belters. 'Where is the compassion' is a driving midtempo workout with swirly synth stabs and a killer vocal loop. 'Vibes' is a most pleasant slowburner with lush percussion incorporating cool afro-not-afro chants. It's the title track on the A side that really gets my juices flowing though - a deliciously slow, chuggy, deeper than deep BEAST of a track that is simply magic. Without a doubt one of the best records to have reached Sleazy HQ this year.

SWDE003 - "Depth of my soul"
by Nicholas

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