Story #3

Rotterdam's excellent recordstore/distro/label Clone is often the source of news about great upcoming records, and so the - ahum - story goes with the third offering on the - ahum - Story imprint. As with the other releases on Story (of which the first one was a big hit for me a few years back) you won´t find any artist names on the record, as the guys behind Story "do not feel the need to let you know who did the record and so do the artists who contribute tracks. The only important thing is, they produced these tracks, full of understanding and with a great love for house music".

Right, so that all seems very mysterious, doesn't it? Would it help if we told you we're dealing with 4 killer, mesmerizing slowburners here? Four tracks with hypnothising grooves, heavy drums and a bucketload of bottom end that lock you in and won't let go? Would it help if we told you there's some clever sampling of one Ms. Badu? And some great use of African grooves and rhythms? Would it help if we told you the mysterious man behind this here record is a techno veteran who fell in love with slowmotion grooves?

If you've been following our ramblings here I'm sure you'll figure out who's behind this record the second you give this record a listen. Took us about three bars...Most exciting stuff, can't wait to give this a proper rinse. Out on shiny 12" any day now, make sure to keep 'em peeled, these are very limited and are going to fly off the shelves.

Check out samples of Story #3 here

We'll make sure to give you a headsup once this is officially out. Essential.