Super Value Special Edits Vol 9

Luca Trevisi has to be one of the hardest working men in music, it seems like there's a new release coming out of Bologna's magic disco dungeon every week. The most amazing thing is that everything he touches is truly amazing. The 9th installment of the Super Value Series sure is no exception. In case you gave Luca's rather amazing Sleazy Beats Mix a listen, you'll recognize the elegant jazzy groover on the A-side, Mellow Mood. On the flip, the Super Value meister serves up a slightly more uptempo number, 'Need', complete with sweet soul vocals but with the same trademark deep loopy drums. Sleep Talk is a slow deep chugger with oodles of funk that rounds off the package nicely. You should know by now that these releases are no-brainers: BUY THE DAMN RECORD!

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Luca's mixes of The Beatdown Soundmachine on our very own Sleazy Beats Recordings will be out in a week or two on shiny black wax (and a new vintage pin-up hottie on the cover), more on that soon!