Le Loup - Erotic City EP (Remake Music France)

Oooohh and while we're on the subject of smashingly hot records, there's another one that's seriously blog-worthy that's just been released, this time by Paris' Le Loup, or Leonard Perret to his mom. Despite his ripe age, this guy's making tunes like he's been at it for years. This new release on the UK's Remake Music, entitled 'True Love' has been making its way into many sets recently by many of the DJs in disco/re-edit land, and with good reason.

Two versions of the beast have thankfully been lovingly stamped onto a shiny black plate for us vinyl benders to salivate over. This tasty track comes in two fancy flavours - the original, and a slightly more housed-up Sam Clarence mix, both of which are extremely ace. Beautiful chords complimenting an awesome female vocal that just plain works. Hard to pick a favourite here but after a few listens I think the original will take it for me due to its slightly sleazier tempo and that killer vocal. Flip it over for a handy Le Loup version of Erotic City too, for that right time and place which simply completes the package perfectly.

True Love by Le Loup

Pick up this stellar record here and place it in the bag/on the turntable, and be on the lookout for more fresh output by both Sam Clarence and Le Loup, as we're pretty sure they've got some bits in the pipes you won't want to miss.