Lel Palfrey - Sleazy Beats Mix

Lovely new exclusive Sleazy Beats mix from Edinburgh's Lel Palfrey for you here, featuring a whole bunch of tracks we've been showering with love on these pages expertly mixed together with a pair of turntables. His mixes have been aired on Red Rack'ems Smugglers' Inn show and made an appearance on the always on point Keep it Deep blog.

Lel Palfrey, father of two young boys, is slowly but steadily making a name for himself in the Edinburgh disco/boogie/house scene with regular stints at clubs and bars like The Newsroom, The Bon Vivant, The Wash Bar and The Outhouse.
Webdesigner by day and a bit of a vinyl nut with a passion for old jazz and boogie records which you can hear him play in bars all over town. Then there's also the slow, deep house vibe, with a Detroit and Disco influence, which his rather delicious mix showcases. In short, we're dealing with a genuine music love here, one with impeccable taste and an unhealthy obsession for vinyl, a weakness the Sleazy Beats crew can relate to.

Catch Lel Palfrey live next Saturday (April 17th) playing with his buddie, Carina Ramosat The Wash Bar then we'll be holding it down in the backroom of Ultragroove @ Cabaret Voltaire, Edinburgh's longest running and most forward thinking party alongside Gareth Sommerville. They'll be doing the Disco, Soul & Funk thing through the back whilst joining Gareth in the main room will be Harri from the legendary Sub Club in Glasgow for some House, Disco & Techno biz.

More info can be found here

Listen to and download Lel's Sleazy Beats Mix here:
Lel-P-Sleazy-Beats-Mix by SleazyBeats

Intro - Skit [Firecracker]
Red Rack 'Em - In Love Again [Untracked]
Fudge Fingas - It's about time [Prime Numbers]
Session Victim - Danish Daughters [Retreat Vinyl]
San Proper - Sex Drive Rhythm - [Dekmentel]
Small World Disco Edits - Where is The compassion [Small World Disco Edits]
Nu Frequency ft Ben Onono - Fallen Hero (MCDE RMX) - [Rebirth]
Cottam #3
The Beatdown Machine - More Love (LTJ X-Perience mix) [Sleazy Beats]
Riccio - Thrills (ft Kelvin Sholar) [Gentleman]
Story #1 - Subway To Cologne [Story]
I:Cube - Falling [Versatile]
Amplified Orchestra - Shake Up Theme [Amplified]
Amplified Orchestra - Sugar Honey Baby [Amplified]
Lovebirds - Modern Stalking - [Winding Road]