The Mole - Keep On Dreaming (Musique Risque)

Brilliant little deephouse ditty out last week by our buddy The Mole on Montreal's Musique Risque. Seems we're often talking about moleman here but hey let's face it - he puts out some tasty stuff. This 3 track EP, entitled 'Keep On Dreaming' features 2 cuts on the A side - the first, 'Dreamer' is an almost ambient number that will simply melt your soul into oblivion. A faint beat is detectable, but the meat of the tune is pushed along by a lovely vocal, repeating "dreamer...", and some squelched out sine wave (?) action. A right moody affair this one is. The A2, and likely my pick is 'Oh My Stomach', another lush deep-burner that floats along, with eerie synths aimed at moody floors and crowds...and at that sweet tempo to boot. Finally, 'Last Ditch' features slightly less float-factor than the previous two, but still gets on handsomely with a standout loopy bassline driving the tune along the fence between tech and deep camps.

Get acquainted with this sweet record HERE, it's a fantastic well rounded EP that essentially features three shades of deep quirky business.