Sleazy McQueen - Tandava, The Cosmic Dance of Fury (Whiskey Disco)

Sleazy McQueen (Florida-based Laurin Fedora) has been quietly building a name for himself with wonky disco and boogie on esteemed labels like Hairy Claw, Moodclub and House Arrest. His edit of Al Stewarts 'Year of the Cat' on Yacht Rock Edits has been my secret weapon for years, and I'm glad he's slowly getting the recognition he deserves.

As of late, the sleazemeister seems to be saving his best edits for his own imprint Whiskey Disco though, an outlet for cheeky edits and reworks by Fedora and friends. We already creamed our pants over the first two releases on Whiskey Disco and the third installment definately keeps things sticky down south.

The title track Tandava is a chuggy midtempo roller with heavy disco claps and dirty synths. The A2 track is an ace rework of Ashta Puthli's Space Talk (which also got the Super Value treatment last year to great effect). McQueen's added oomph and skippy drums work a treat on this supersmooth slowburner, which is my pick of the bunch. On the flip we get the uptempo cut Straight On, a classy bit of nudisco. McQueen finishes things off with a blistering reconstruction of Kleeer's Open Your Mind. Great package then with four choice cuts.

Whiskey Disko is a vinyl only affair, so make sure to pick up a copy and laugh at the Beatport crowd and their boring CDRs.

SMQ-Tandava by SleazyMcQueen

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