Tres Gueros - Instead You Go (Headtunes)

There is so much great stuff going on with this particular record that I am having trouble deciding where to start. It basically seems like Sleazy McQueen weekend over here at Sleazy Beats headquarters.

You may remember us telling you about McQueen's new group called Tres Gueros. This is the group that successfully tackled the Grateful Dead on the last Whiskey Disco release. Well they are back for more, and this time they appear on the Boston-based Headtunes record label with a package that has a lot going for it. The song is called 'Instead You Go', and is a collaboration by a bunch of talented people. You've got two vocalists (Graham Holly and Gracie Fowler), two guitar players (Ray Sweeton and Hugo Swaso), and artist Beef Wellington working his synthesizer magic. Sleazy McQueen ties this all together with writer/producer Matt Brownell to give 'Instead You Go' a special indie-dance-funk groove that just plain works.

Why stop there? When you've got a killer tune like this, you might as well call in a talented cast of producers to reinterpret things. Headtunes brings in Anthony Mansfield, Dave Allison, and Neighbor in for the remixes on the vinyl. The digital package includes a bonus track from Sleazy McQueen, Dave Allison's instrumental, and a remix from Leon Louder. Is your head spinning yet? Can you keep up? Good, because there is even more...

CONTEST ALERT! - Headtunes wants YOU, the listener and artist, to come up with the music video for the Radio Edit of 'Instead You Go'. To accomplish this, they are offering you a free download of the track.

You have until April 20th to create your music video and submit it to Headtunes for judging. The winner is going to win a $500 gift certificate to Apple, a prize package with some great swag, and of course the video will become the official video for the song. All of the specific rules and details for this contest can be found at the download page linked above.

This is rumored to be one of the last, if not the last vinyl release before Headtunes moves into the all-digital realm, so you really want to keep an eye out for the wax when it hits all the usual spots at the end of this month. Digital release comes a few weeks afterwards... Don't sleep!