Trickski - The Warm Up EP (Delusions of Grandeur)

Berlin-based Trickski have come up with a tasty little treat on Jimpster's all-class label Delusions of Grandeur. This nifty imprint has had a knack for grabbing the attention of the likes of many of our favourite jocks here at SBHQ lately; The Revenge, 6th Borough Project, Tim Sweeney, and Frank Booker to mention a few. Having great success previously on labels such as Stillloveformusic, Sonar Kollektiv and Compost, you can expect Trickski to bring nothing less than their A-game to the table for their first outing here.

This little gem: The Warm Up EP features three tracks, the title track kicks things off with a dark sweaty number with a suspenseful vocal goin on about taking control. This one's not really my cup but could be super big for some tastes. A2 features Sunbeams, another moodyish affair, although much warmer chugging along steadily with changing synth-lines throughout, nice. The final cut on the B-side (gotta love those B's) is likely my pick, a remix of the title track by Berlin's CB Funk of Subway to Cologne fame - and a stellar job they've done. This beauty cut moves along with style, complete with cascading dreamy pads, sloppy claps and a synthline you'll be humming for weeks - some seriously great warm up gear here.

Have a listen to CB Funk's rmx of Warm Up here:

Visit our favourite hangout and squeeze this one firmly into zee bag... and definitely be on the lookout for more brilliance from Trickski and CB Funk, we hope in not too long.