LTJ XPerience - They Call it Edit (CD)

Fantastic compilation on offer here, showcasing the delicious reworks and edits our friend LTJ XPerience has done for the fledgling Small World Disco Edits imprint (we covered some of the 12" on these pages before). This neat little package contains 10 unmixed tracks, including 5 brand new rerubs. Things start off slowly with 'Light', a lush 94 BPM disco beast that is infectious as hell. Other highlights are Cry (an ace Marvin Gaye rerub), the midtempo funk bomb 'Heartbeat' (think chuggy beats and horns, lots of horns) and the smashing 'Spirit' (which has been glued to the front of my bag since I picked up the 12" a few months ago). In short: they're all grand , they're all essential, and for the price of a few beers you'll have a selection of classy rerubs on a pretty round disc that most definately will make your life better.

LTJ really IS the master of this corner of the universe.

Listen to Light here and whip out your creditcard before they're all gone:

Pick up a copy here