Mark E - Special FX and Works 2005-2009 Vol 2

Just a quick headsup to let you know there´s some grand new stuff coming out on Mark E´s MERC imprint soon. First up is a 12" with two tracks you might have heard in his recent mixes, Special FX on the A and Christo on the flip. Both cuts are ace but I´m particularly excited about the prospect of playing out the quirky midtempo 80s boogiefest that is Special FX, an exceptional track and one of Mark's best productions so far in my humble opinion.

Up next is the second volume of Mark´s selected edits and reworks (the very things that kickstarted his career and the masses' interest in slowing things down a notch or two). The first installment was a most classy affair, but I´m sure some of you were hoping to finally get your hands on Scared (Mark´s seminal Womack and Womack edit, which is impossible to find on vinyl). Happy to report that ´Scared´ features on Works 2005-2009 vol 2, alongside the equally brilliant Formed, Under Your Spell and a few bits that have never been released. Here's the tracklist to get your juices flowing in anticipation:

1. Often Think To Myself
2. Under Your Spell
3. For Love
4. Happenin'
5. Darker
6. Formed
7. Scared

Mark seems to have left the edit business behind him as of late, so make sure to pick up a copy and complete your collection of his creations. It really is the stuff that dreams are made of.

Have a listen to Under Your Spell (still so fresh!):

Preorder a copy of Works vol 2 here