Toby Tobias - Macasu (Late Night Audio)

Much new goodness to speak of this past week. One massive new 12" worthy of mention is the new Late Night Audio release - a label that that has stemmed very succesfully from the blinding club nights these guys throw in London; and their label has seemingly only further cemented their smashing rep. For this new one entitled, 'Macasu' they've enlisted the services of none other than the very talented Toby Tobias aka Casinoboy, widely known for his many excellent Rekids releases, among many others.

Four solid tracks up on offer here, 3 of which are versions of the title tune, each quite diverse and none disappoint. MCDE has a big showing here, churning out a sexy female vocal sample that riddles its way around an oh-so-catchy piano hook. Along with Danilo's trademark beat we've got the recipe for a winner on our hands here. The Adriatic Disco mix is a stealthy balearic synth ride, perfect for deep hazy summer nights, must say I'm looking well forward to rinsing this one. Then the original, wow. I'm a sucker for the afro-stuff and this has it all: the haunting chants, bells, shuffly drum pattern and flangey swooshes. Bassline here that would shake a floor to bits I reckon. All three of these tunes are so good, please don't make me pick a fave here.

Amazing release, grab it now HERE before it disappears and start summer off right if you haven't yet done so.