Deadly Sins - Giant Cuts vol 2

Lovely second release on the new Giant Cuts imprint by Deadly Sins, who serves up another 4 expertly reworked disco cuts here. The first release on Giant Cuts was a bit of a hit in disco land (heavy support by the likes of Cosmic Boogie and Greg Wilson) and rightfully so. In a market that is swamped with sup-par sloppy edits, the Deadly Sins outfit brings old classics back to life by changing around the arrangement in clever ways and adding just the right amount of oomph to old and forgotten soul and disco nuggets. Larry's Fat in particular has been given a right ol' rinsing at Sleazy HQ.

A rerub of Lenny William's 'Choosing You' kicks things off nicely with its chuggy drums and steady groove. If you're partial to a bit of deep and dirty midtempo disco sleaze, the second track on the A, 'Sugar Honey', will work a treat for you. On the flip we get a deadly (seen what I did there?) rework of Ned Doheny's 'To Prove My love' which is my pick of the bunch. I used to have a sunday afternoon residency where I played jazz, soul and funk to wanky hipsters here in Amsterdams, and Doheny's original was always in the front of my bag on those occasions. Can't wait to play out this version that packs a little more punch but keeps the soul of the original nicely in tact. The midtempo sleazefest 'Pay Rise' is not halfbad either, making this a great package indeed.

GC002 GIANT CUTS VOL 2 by Deadly Sins

If you liked Onur Engin's recent release on Squared you'll surely love this. Go forth and buy kids. Let's keep the pressing plants going for a little while longer.

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