Tornado Wallace - Tornado Never Dies EP (SBR003)

After a bit of a delay (some issues with the pressing plant) our long overdue third release by Melbourne's Tornado Wallace has finally hit the shops. About 6 months ago, 6th Borough Project's Craig Smith did a mix for us, and one of the standout tunes on that fine blend was That's The Thing by a certain Tornado Wallace. We tracked him down on myspace (yeah I know, so 2007), pressed play....and creamed our pants. The rest, as they say, is history.

Be My Ladyboy on the A is a deep midtempo burner with a relentless groove, a clever vocal loop, squeeks and bleeks in all the right places and a breakdown to die for (trust us, it's been tried and tested by some of our favorite DJs, we've had some great feedback). On the B, the title track Tornado Never Dies is a lush 105BPM ride into tropic disco territory. The tune starts off with a male vocal setting the mood just right before unleashing entering a lush groove that winds and builds and winds and builds. The uptempo number The RL DL completes the package nicely and will appeal to the deephouse heads that like their stuff a little dirty.

Good things come to those who wait. As with our previous releases, this is a limited affair though (only 500 units pressed) so don't wait too long and miss out on the goods...

SBR003 // Tornado Wallace - Tornado Never Dies EP by SleazyBeats

Head over to Juno and pick up a copy now!

Oh and good things also tend to come in pairs. Our release happened to coincide with a splendid record Tornado did for the ace Delusions of Grandeur, make sure to check that out as well