7 Inches of Love vol 5&6

Good things tend to come in pairs, as these two new additions to the rather spectacular 7 Inches of Love catalogue go on to prove. The first four releases on the label featured nothing but lovely, low-paced unpolished disco deepness by the likes of The Mole, Koosh and Eddie C and fetch silly amounts on discogs these days (seriously, they´re impossible to find, so glad I whipped out the card when they first surfaced). Number 5 and 6 are sure to follow the same path, as it´s another ridulously tasteful selection of tunes we´re dealing with here.

Koosh´s ´Closer Baby´ is my pick on number 5, a moody and broody slice of beatdown spacedisco. Cristobal´s ´I Had Your Love All To My Own´ on number 6 is my pick of the entire litter though, a superslow edit of an old moody track (also sampled by Ice Cube for You Know How You Do it, which was a total highschool anthem for me).
All tracks are superclassy though, so do yourselves a favor and head over to Hardwax in Berlin and pick up a copy of these little babies. You´ll be the coolest geezer on the block with these little shiny handstamped thingies. They might just prove to be a solid investment too. Essential stuff, can´t get enough of it.

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